Cape Fear Table Tennis Club presents the 20th Butterfly Cape Fear Open

Butterfly North America

Sanctioned by the USATT as a 1-Star Tournament



When & Where

Saturday,  February 20th, 2016

At Massey Hill Recreation Center

1612 Camden Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28306

*Doors open at 8:30am and play starts at 9:00am sharp!


A-Group: 1st place: $200; 2nd place: $100; 3rd place: $50

B-Group: 1st place: $60; 2nd place: $30; 3rd place: T-Shirt 

C-Group: 1st place: Paddle Case; 2nd place: T-Shirt; 3rd place: 1 Random Rubber Sheet

Doubles (under 3600): Determined by number of entrants.


Giant Round Robin (36 players max) @ 9:00am

$40 Registration Fee for adults, $30 for juniors, and $25  for CFTTC Members *Includes Lunch (FREE PIZZA)!!!!

There will be a snake-seeded preliminary match will divide all players into 3 Round Robin groups of 12 players max.  

A-Group: 1st place: $200; 2nd place: $100; 3rd place: $50

B-Group: 1st place: $60; 2nd place: $30; 3rd place: T-Shirt

C-Group: 1st place: Paddle Case; 2nd place: T-Shirt; 3rd place: 1 Random Rubber Sheet

Doubles (*under 3600) @ 3:00pm

$10 entry fee (per team) at door

2 Round Robin groups of 4 doubles teams. The winner of each group advance to the finals.

Prizes determined by number of entrants. 

*Ratings: Ratings for all events will be those used as posted on the Friday, February 19th, 2016 on the USATT website update. There is a difference in time between receiving first entry forms and the actual event. To account for this occurrence MINOR latitude may be provided at the tournament director’s discretion.


Wednesday, February 17th, 2016. Please register early. Payments & Entries must be received before the deadline. All entries are responsible for full payment by the deadline. Entries may be rejected if space does not permit. If the event fills up prior to the deadline, entries will automatically be placed on a waitlist. Players will be notified if an opening becomes available. Anyone wanting to enter after the deadline must first receive approval from the tournament director.


Players not checked in before the starting time of an event may be defaulted from that event.


*Fees include LUNCH (FREE PIZZA)!!! All proceeds go to pay off the tournament tables we play on.

ADULTS: $40.00

JUNIORS: $30.00



No refund. All entries are responsible for full entry fees if not withdrawn by the entry deadline.


Only USATT approved equipment will be used.
The main color of a shirt, skirt or shorts, other than sleeves and collar of a shirt shall be clearly different from that of the ball in use.
We will be playing with WHITE Nittaku Premium 40+ Balls (More info the ball here). We will be playing on 8 professional 1″ thick blue tables
  • 2 – Butterfly Centerfold
  • 6 – Double Happiness


The venue is a recreation center with beige walls, bright lighting, commercial linoleum tile floors, and a 9′ drop ceiling. There are public restrooms. Lunch will be available for purchase. Please pack your own lunch or purchase lunch to help speed things along during the tournament. Players who leave the facility and who are late for their match time will be defaulted.


The tournament hotel is Fayetteville Inn & Suites.

To reserve a room, you must contact the manager S.K. directly. To receive the discount, use keyword “Cape fear table tennis club.” 


  • $70/night – King size mattress w/ pullout couch
  • $77/night – Double queen room w/ pullout couch


Fayetteville Inn & Suites
3136 Bordeaux Park Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28306
phone: (910) 486-8300


*The tournament committee reserves the right to cancel or modify the tournament based on number of entries or other factors.

Tournament Director

Richard Perez

Tournament Umpire

Richard Perez (CU)